Your Personal Designer

Hello, my name is Ralu Shatz – professional architect and interior designer.
I am a graduate of the prestigiousTechnion Institute in Haifa and live in Tel Aviv.
My expertise is in modern contemporary design, particularly in turning simple and impersonal spaces into breathtaking ones.

My rich experience offers you an exclusive design, using special lighting effects, carpentry and artistic elements to create the harmonious, stylish and three dimensional space you’ve always desired and dreamed of.

Look & Feel

My portfolio includes many unique projects including planning and designing of existing apartments, new apartments just bought from contractors, luxury apartments in towers, private homes, and entrance lobbies to new and old residential buildings.

I work particularly with foreign clients in Hertzelya, Tel Aviv and Yaffo and have completed projects in several high-end towers such as the Herbert Samuel Project and the White City.

Create Your Space

The vision for your space is only the foundation of a multidisciplinary project with many components (inspiration, technical knowledge, creative solutions, experience and more).

That is why I am committed to managing your project entirely from beginning to end by supervising and coordinating between different professionals, maintaining schedules, and guaranteeing a high level of performance.

I communicate with my clients both in English and French, making it easy for us to find the perfect match for your specific needs with devotion and personal care.

I will be excited to work with you in order to achieve the ideal combination of comfort and beautiful design for your gorgeous new home here in Israel.